Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Summer Update

Summer holidays have been a refreshing break after the hectic last term! I have had several phone calls requesting books resulting from people walking into a book store wanting my book- which is extremely exciting. I haven’t done too much creating gluten-free or altering standard recipes recently as I’ve been sticking to basic fresh meals and limited baked treats. However, I’ll keep you posted. Enjoy the rest of summer and remember to try out some of the summer recipes posted last year, Trace

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Positive Feedback & Coeliac Link Newsletter

It is so refreshing to hear through friends, family and colleagues that people have been buying ‘Gluten-Free Food, Kiwi Style’ throughout NZ and loving it!  It is great to get this feedback about the book as it makes the whole process feel worthwhile.  I have heard about people who have been GF for many years through to the newly diagnosed purchasing the book and enjoying it, so thanks and I hope it gets lots of use.

The Autumn issue of Coeliac Link has a wee blurb and a couple of recipes and photos, free to those registered members of the Coeliac Society of NZ.  If you have been diagnosed as coeliac then it is worthwhile to join. If you are just gluten-intolerant like me then their website is worth a look too.

Bin Inn have placed their second book order as stores and people nationwide are hearing about the book and jumping on the bandwagon. I am still in the process of approaching organic/health stores nationwide to sell the book,especially were there are no Bin Inn stores.

My experimenting with new recipes and altering standard recipes has taken a back step due to the book and my busy first term at school, however it is now the holiday time which brings plenty of time for ‘playing’ in the kitchen…..

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Print Run Corrections

Page 45: please replace milo with GF drinking chocolate

Please also note that on page 6 I have said to avoid maltodextrin (if derived from wheat).  Maltodextrin can be made from many different grains and generally is safe to eat.

Page 15: 1 1/2 tsp active dried yeast (Spiced Fruit Bread)

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009


If any of you are interested in writing a book, whatever it is, and getting it published then you need to visit the websites and  They provide indepth information from writing, to editing, formating, printing, marketing… the whole works.  Although this is a huge learning curve for anyone, including me, it is an enjoyable challenge. Options are there for extra assistance with illustrations, design, editing etc but believe me, you too can do the whole lot!

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

About the Author

Tracey has been gluten-intolerant for many years and has spent the last few trialling, modifying and creating gluten-free recipes to suit her kiwi lifestyle and tastes. She is a primary school teacher and lives with her husband and two ‘kids’, cats Jess & Leppin in sunny Marlborough in the top of the south.Her book ‘Gluten-Free Food, Ideas & Recipes, Kiwi Style’ has been developed as part of this process and includes over 150 recipes including breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, dessert, baking, and Christmas. It also has many ideas for meals including snacks for entertaining; kids lunches; kids desserts, sweet treats, and party ideas.