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Monday, August 11th, 2008

My GF Story – By the Author

I had suffered from gluten-intolerance for many, many years before I knew much about it and did much about it – yes,  it took me a long time before I went cold-turkey. Unfortunately I found out about and Dr Rodney Ford after I went cold-turkey, as he provides all the info I wish I had to ease the journey!  Before I hit the GF lifestyle at a sprint I was bloated and feeling uncomfortable for the majority of the day.  Starting at breakfast, through lunch and dinner and going to bed in the same state – it was not at all the way I wanted to live my life. Initially I blamed some of my symptoms  on my endometriosis but several years after a second  successful surgery I began to question these. I stumbled upon an endometriosis book that included information about the link between endometriosis and gluten-intolerance. When I experimented with my gluten intake I noticed huge improvements in a variety of things including my energy levels, bloating, immunity level,  and  my monthly cycle.  Other people also made positive comments about my skin and radiance – it is fantastic to get these comments isn’t it!  Although GF eating and cooking is more expensive, it is generally a healthier option and it has certainly worked for me and I will be keeping it up. Tracey